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Pune is the second biggest city in the Indian province of Maharashtra, after Mumbai. It is the ninth most crowded city in the nation with an expected populace of 3.13 million. According to the 2011 statistics, the urban territory has a joined populace of 5.05 million while the number of inhabitants in the metropolitan area is assessed at 7.27 million. Situated 560 meters (1,837 feet) above ocean level on the Deccan level on the precise bank of the Mutha river, Pune is likewise the authoritative central command of its namesake region. In the eighteenth century, the city was the seat of the Peshwas, the leaders of the Maratha Empire as was a standout amongst the most imperative political focuses on the Indian subcontinent.

Pune today is one of the main urban areas in India. It is a mix of the rich legacy and modernization. Countless educational foundations in India like the National Defense Academy,FTII,NCL, IUCAA are boasting in Pune and also Pune is a host to top software design firms like Infosys, Satyam, IBM, Wipro, and so forth. Pune’s nearness to Mumbai, combined with its mild atmosphere, settling in Pune is a perfect decision for living/business for many of us.

From a small university town to an assembling center point, Pune has seen a noteworthy influx of progress. Various vehicle makers and auxiliary organizations have today contributed intensely to set up best in class generation offices in Pune. Among the primary movers in this section were Tata Motors and Cummins, the main producer of diesel and petroleum gas motors, and as of late, Mercedes-Benz and development and homestead gear major JCB. The Automotive Research Institute of India is likewise situated here and gives a chance to explore, improve, in testing and confirmation administrations. Set on driving development promptly, the Maharashtra government has contributed a key part in drawing in speculation and extending the limits of the industry.


Along these lines, Pune has accomplished remarkable energy and dynamism on the back of its notoriety both as a scholarly focus and as a business center, with Information Technology having turned into the dominating business driving its economy, work creation and land request. It’s a given that Pune’s development story is certainly not a transitory marvel. The city will extend exponentially in the years to come, both geologically and monetarily. This is termed as urbanization. Urbanization is a procedure of getting to be urban i.e. moving to urban areas and moving from agribusiness to the occupations like administrations and enterprises that are regular to urban communities. Urbanization is viewed as the best approach to modernize by the exchange of populace from the provincial to urban focuses.

Some positive aspects of urbanization are:

  • Business openings in urban focuses.
  • Transport and correspondence offices.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • The increment in the way of life.

This will carry its own difficulties with it, as a considerable lot of which is being reflected today.

Some of the characteristics of urbanization that need to be amended are:


The ulcers of urbanization and industrialization have changed over the once paradises like towns and urban areas into the abyss. The sylvan excellence, which one could find in suburbia, has been supplanted by organizations and factories. The horizon that used to be overwhelmed by tall trees is a terrible sight of stacks heaving harmful exhaust! The reasonable rills, streams, lakes,and creeks that were outing spots have been changed over into waste channels, conveying effluents to the waterway, which has turned into a greater channel conveying the filth to the ocean! The whole world is losing its excellence and immaculateness. The humankind, a quiet observer to this terrible change is sitting tight for some holy messenger to descend and do the cleaning, protecting, and contamination overseeing! No holy messenger will want our assistance. We have made this heck, and we ourselves should re-establish and recover its lost immaculateness and excellence!

Impersonal Relations:

There are triviality and unoriginality among the urbanites. Urban culture is exceptionally heterogeneous and specific. Along these lines, the outcome is the absence of the personal relationship. The urban individuals live near one another yet without passionate ties. Urban social connection happens between outsiders. The idea of the neighborhood, network life is relatively missing in urban communities. Individuals are regularly narcissistic, and they have no worry for the kindred people.


Urban life is portrayed by pressure which may even strain family relations.What’s more, urban living can be undermined on the off chance that you don’t have sufficient space of your own, in the event that you encounter deficient security or live under unsteady financial conditions. Stress increments with the expectation of unfavorable circumstances and the dread of not having the sufficient assets to react to them. Living in an urban situation is for some time known to be a hazard factor for mental maladies, for example, significant despondency or schizophrenia. This is genuine despite the fact that framework, financial conditions, sustenance and human services administrations are plainly preferred in urban communities over in rustic zones. Higher pressure presentation and higher-pressure helplessness appear to assume a significant part. Social pressure might be the most imperative factor for the expanded danger of mental issue in urban zones. It might be experienced as a social evaluative danger, or as endless social pressure, both of which are probably going to happen as an immediate outcome of high populace densities in urban areas. With respect to the effect on psychological wellness, social pressure appears to exceed other urban stressors, for example, corruption or demand.

Weather and Agriculture:

The sweltering and sticky condition, on the grounds that everybody is packed in one focal region there is a lessening in the stream of air which brings about a muggy climate. Less arable land, as populaces swell the requirement for land to assemble house and ventures expands in this way decreasing area for farming. The land that is left for farming uses a considerable measure of manures to build sustenance creation along these lines degrading the nature of agribusiness.

How to tackle these conditions?

To rejuvenate themselves, people should visit those places more often which are serene, beautiful and peaceful. When you visit those places, you will feel like visiting a paradise.

“Paradise is always where love dwells”- Jean Paul Richter

Heaven is the term for a position of immortal harmony. The Abrahamic beliefs connect heaven with the Garden of Eden, that is, the ideal condition of the world preceding the go wrong, and the ideal express that will be reestablished in the World to Come. Paradise is where there is no issues or torment, it’s an everlasting extravagance.

One of these places which is like a paradise is near Pune.

Paradise near Pune:

The paradise near Pune is MorachiChincholi. Morachi Chincholi– better known as Mayur Baug has the 25-acre of the land and is the village of peacocks, close to Pune. This place is one of its kind which no vacationer would want to miss. This village is a model in Agritourism that is quickly making up for lost time in India. Today a short visit to Mayur Baug gives you a snappy peep into the provincial way of life of Maharashtra. Morachi Chincholi features a genuine perfect Indian town with all the conventional culture. Peacocks at this place are to some degree used to local people living in the village yet are shy to visitors. Morachi Chincholi implies a village of beautiful and dancing peacocks.

A single day’s journey to Morachi Chincholi offers an opportunity to discover part of peacocks wherever in this small place. This village gives you a genuine vibe of the Indian field! As the shroud of haziness lifted from Chincholi Morachi, proclaiming another day, it was life as common for the villagers.

Morachi Chincholi, appealing spots dug in provincial Maharashtra yet very close for a joyful one-day trip from Pune. There are gigantic exercises at Morachi Chincholi which incorporates bullock truck rides, tractor rides, hurda parties, kids stop, country diversions, flying creature viewing, candlenights, nursery, open-air amusements, outdoors and tent offices. It likewise incorporates kids stop, enchantment appears, manikin appears and other domesticated animals. All exercises spin around contamination and commotion free condition. They have a board of perceptive individuals that will deal with you past your desires.


Peacock is the national feathered creature of India. It is an expansive and brilliantly shaded winged creature of the fowl family local to South Asia, however, presented and semi-wild in numerous different parts of the world. Morachi Chincholi Bird Sanctuary additionally makes for an awesome escape from the enraging surge of the city; the place is simply so tranquil and lovely that you would wish to remain somewhat longer each time you visit here.Peacocks are omnivores. They feed on termites, plant parts, ticks, insects, mice, scorpions, ants, bloom petals, seed heads, and different reptiles, arthropods,and creatures of land and water. Peacocks are very agreeable flying creatures. Peacocks can fly for short distances. A wingspan of a peacock can be of six feet. A youthful peacock is known as a peachick. Peacocks’ life expectancy is up to 20 years.

The males utilize their shining tail show, containing vast, little plumes, in their masculine move for the best mate. The prepare of quills is upheld by littler, shorter tail plumes. These bright tail quills don’t create till the peacock is three years of age, and the trains are shed yearly, for the most part amid the winter months. Males make boisterous sobbing cries when recognizes any hazard drawing nearer.

Spend a Blissful Day:

Morachi Chincholi is the perfect entertainment place for nature-lovers. An outing arranged together with family or companions displays one’s sensational persona. At Chincholi Morachi one can inspire and treasure one’s mind-blowing moment.You’d plan your trip such that, you can land at noon. After lunch, you can take a snooze in the cool shadow of Mango trees in the field.

From that point onward, you can appreciate a stroll around the village to see the marvels of field life and get ready for peacock seeing at night. Appreciate supper with villagers under open sky within the sight of moon and stars (which you miss in the city culture). In the early morning, you can get up and watch the peacocks touching base close to villager’s home for their morning feed. Shivar pheri (trip around the town in tractor/bullock truck) and get the diagram of development and cultivation took after by our ranchers in Morachi Chincholi.

So, whenever you feel like to get away from this fast running life of the urban city. This is the right choice to make your day memorable and cheerful one. The serenity and harmony of this village is something that we miss in our daily life. By visiting this village, children will get to know about the ideal Indian village aspects. And this place will give an opportunity to spend some quality time with our family which is very rare nowadays.        Website: ,                                        Contact No:+91 -9764120777  ,                                                                                    Email-id:



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