Morachi Chincholi : A Family Weekend Picnic Spot

Maharashtra is one of the major attractions in India that attracts much number of visitors every year. The state attracts people from both inside and outside India. Out of the famous locations in Maharashtra, Pune is one of the best location. Pune invites you to take a look at its grandeur and majesty in buildings and other natural beauty of the city and near villages. There are many hill stations near to city. Many of the villages with natural beauty also attract many of the tourists to Pune. One of the well-known villages for its natural beauty is Morachi-chincholi. The village is visited by countless people every year.

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Morachi Chincholi: Center of natural beauty

Morachi Chincholi is a well known tourist place for its natural beauty and alluring to have an enjoyable trip to the place near Pune. The place is known for its natural beauty of the village. The tranquil beauty of the place is what makes people get attracted to it. The beauty of hundreds of dancing peacocks really distinguishes the spot from other tourist destinations. Hundreds of people come here daily just to enjoy the beauty of the dancing peacocks. The spot is only 50 kms away from Pune. As it is a tourist spot near Pune, people can reach here easily. It is situated in a place called Mayur baug in Pune. The spot is also close to Shirur which is home for many Vacationers.

A Family Weekend Picnic Spot

Besides enjoying the beauty of the dancing peacocks, there are many other things to do in the spot such as, children’s park, bird watching, nursery, outdoor games and camping, rural games, hurda parties, candle nights, bullock cart rides and much more which makes the place very enjoyable and attractive. There are also kid’s park, magic show, puppet show and other livestock. All these facilities make the place a family weekend destination for a day.

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A place to refresh

The place depicts an ideal and traditional Indian village beauty. As it is very beautiful and serene, people visit here will long to stay here for a longer time. Also they will like coming back to the spot again and again. Besides the beauty of the peacocks, what makes the place a must go is its serene nature, and the different activities gives a break from the tiring city life.

It is a place which gives enthralling experience of the village beauty to the all hearts who visit here. Everybody feels the natural rural life here. Visiting this place is a great opportunity to refresh, energize and revitalize. This is best place to forget the tough life of the city and spend time with family with peace of mind. The place is really mind freshener for all. The tourist place, Morachi Chincholi is an organic farm without pollution and this makes the destination acceptable for all

Morachi Chincholi near Pune is an ideal tourist place to have a stay during the night with family. The visit and stay will make you have the most excellent peafowl experience. This place is also blessed with all-embracing variety of flowers and plants species. The full fledged nursery will reveal the collection of it. If you want to enjoy nature and be with nature, the best choice is to visit the nature. The peacocks will receive you to the spot. People will never forget the place if they visit once in their life time. Come take pleasure in the loveliness of the peacocks and the natural world with many other activities like games and rides for both children and grownups.

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