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Jowar a gift of nature

Jowar a Gift of Nature – Morachi Chincholi

I am going to share some knowledge about a crop that is being grown in our country for several years and also has been consumed by our grandparents to stay healthy and fit in their times. This crop has been forgotten by us and many people don’t even know what kind of benefits it has on our health. Jowar is a crop which is gluten-free.

This would be a good news for people suffering from gluten enteropathy. The people who are facing problems with consuming wheat, which is actually gluten can actually consume Jowar which is free from gluten. Additionally, jowar is also high in fibre, thus the people who are suffering from cholesterol or diabetes, jowar can help these people to handle their sugar levels. If you are a person who is looking out for a diet to lose weight, then start consuming jowar flatbreads instead of normal wheat bread this will help you lose your weight faster. Jowar is also rich in iron, which is a key factor to maintain our haemoglobin levels. Jowar is baked with yeast in some countries to improve the digestive part of the crop. Jowar should be mostly consumed in winter because it helps to maintain the body heat. It is also rich in thymine, calcium, magnesium and Niacin. Thymine is necessary for our nervous system, calcium and magnesium both are required for the bone health, and Niacin or Vitamin B3 for transforming food to usable form of energy for the body. Jowar is also rich in protein, which is very good for muscle build up.

If you want to enjoy the true taste of jowar, then I would recommend you to visit Morachi Chincholi during the winter season. This is the only place where you can taste the first ripe of jowar. The people at Morachi Chincholi grow Surti jowar which is very famous for its taste. As these jowar farms are located near to this place, you will be easily provided with fresh jowar right on time. You will get a chance to taste the tender jowar stalks which are roasted in hot coal and served with dry coconut and dried red chillichutney.
To know more about this place please do visit- http://www.morachichincholi.com/

Morachi Chincholi- The Best Picnic Spot

Life would be a smooth and pleasant experience if we love the way life goes on with its own set of highs and lows. We all love being happy and content with whatever resources we have but in this competitive world, everyone is leading a tough life with an increased set of responsibilities, challenges, targets and deadlines. As a result, people suffer from depression, frustration, anxiety and negativity. It is important to work but it is more important to balance your life properly. And to balance life, spend some time with your favourite people, with yourself, and most importantly with nature. People exercise regularly to keep themselves healthy and fit but it’s quite difficult to keep your mind healthy.  It’s important to make your mind healthy as well. Make some space for yourself and enjoy your life.

Nature is full of beauties, we are surrounded by the most beautiful part of nature which most of the time we ignore and do not even recognize. Enjoy golden sight at dawn, feel dewdrop on blades of grass and beautiful glory at evening. Enjoy cloudy climate, the smell of raindrops falling on the laps of soil.

Take out some time from your busy schedule to spend with nature, to enjoy these moments and make yourself peaceful. Create your memorable moments in the surroundings of traditional culture and nature; you can live your childhood, create those memories that you want to live again. Come to Morachi Chincholi and we help you relive the moments of your childhood memories and while leaving this beautiful place you will leave with positive energy, peace, happiness, and satisfaction.

Morachi Chincholi is a well-known place for natural beauty and dancing peacock. This place is located approximately at a distance of 55km from Pune. Morachi Chincholi is the top weekend gateways near Pune for all those who look out to spare some moments from their busy schedules to retain back the energy for the upcoming days. It is a village with traditional culture. You should visit this place to experience the rural lifestyle and all those experiences which you never had but it could be a part of your weekend life.

Bullock cart ride and Bonfire

If you want to enjoy the flavours of village life then Morachi Chincholi is the best place for your weekends. Because you can live here like the local people do with their lifestyle at Morachi. You can enjoy rural life with tractor rides, horse riding, bullock cart rides and memorize your childhood memories. Enjoy bonfire with Hurda party.  In hurda party, enjoy roasted Jawar with special flavours. Just live that moment and enjoy your weekend.

Children Park and Rural games

Kids gradually spend time in indoor games. They need fresh air and exercise.

At Morachi Chincholi we introduce them to rural games like Gilli Danda, give them the experience to swing on the tree. They can play very simple games which is not a usual experience for them as they nowadays spend more time on Mobile Games or Video Games. This experience will become an enriching part of your child’s memories. Be a part of all this lovely experience.  Kids can know more about astronaut world as they like to be a part of space world and more often are fascinated by the space crafts and spaceships. They can enjoy and learn here.

Nursery and Birdwatching

Nature has myriad facets and they keep changing from season to season. We take care of that nature, you can see that beautiful change over here. The nursery at Morachi gives you a feel of the beauty of nature. It showcases different types of flowers and plants. You can enjoy colourful flowers and plants. Morachi Chincholi is a famous place for dancing peacocks;  you can see peacocks everywhere. Not only peacocks but also different types of birds. Enjoy with this beautiful variety of bird life and flowers at this beautiful picnic spot.


Camping and Tent facilities

Want to open your eyes in fresh and pure nature, want to stay away from the annoying alarm clocks and phone. Then get ready for camping which can help you to exercise, reduce your stress, can make you more energized. At Morachi Chincholi you can get the experience of camping and to live in the tent. Enjoy camping in nature with rain, with traditional culture with the best facilities.

Kandil Nights

Every place has a unique identity and unique food. Morachi Chincholi is the village place so you can enjoy traditional menus like Puranpoli, Amras, petal-Bhakri, tech,  Varanbhat, Karalachi Chatani etc. Enjoy this tasty food with Kandil lights, it’s like candle light dinner with the rural touch. Enjoy yummy food in Kandil Nights.

Monsoon is the best time to visit this place because in this season you can see the peacocks, spreading their beautiful and colourful feathers and dance with raindrops.

At Morachi you can enjoy the puppet show and fort museum.  Morachi chincholi is one of the best holiday places near Pune. This place is far from the city crowd and pollution. This place gives an enhancing experience of rural community and helps to connect with our culture. This is the best place to forget the rough life of a city. The spot where you can enjoy with family as well as friends, you can stay here with them by booking cottages. Come and enjoy your life with nature and dancing peacock. A natural weekend is waiting for you. Help your near and dear ones live the beautiful life with nature.