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Morachi Chincholi- Best weekend gateway

Monsoon awakes the nature from a deep sleep and the whole dry land would be a lovely green coloured picturesque landscape. India is a land of superb scenic beauty, lush green forests, lovely valleys and wonderful waterfalls. Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons to explore the natural beauty, traditional cultures, and wildlife. Monsoon truly gives one of the best natural scenery; decorates the whole valleys with green trees and beautiful flowers. Spend time with nature and get the real feel of the beauties of nature.

Simply come out of your cocoon of busy schedules and be ready with the weekend planning. You need not think so much because here is the satisfactory option for you which could be very near to Pune and is one of the top weekend gateways near Pune. Don’t waste time on questioning so much and come to Morachi Chincholi this weekend. Morachi Chincholi is the best tourist place near Pune. You can make your monsoon experience even greater by visiting ‘Morachi Chincholi’. It is the outstanding gateway from hectic town life. This is one of the beautiful places located deep inside rural Maharashtra.  This place connects you with regular Maharashtrian rural life that you miss in the city areas. ‘Morachichincholi’ is the name of the village which is located in Pune – Ahmednagar highway. It is just 50 km away from Pune and is also at the convenient distance from Ahmednagar.

This place is completely surrounded by different ways of the awesome shades of nature. Here, you can see the garden of various trees and many different types of flowers and shrubs. You can smell the odor of the agricultural lifestyles here and you’ll go closer to nature. This place is more wonderful than your expectations. Here you can see the birds and especially peacock, spreading their colorful feathers around and dancing in the rain. You can enjoy the traditional culture with traditional food.

You can experience the tractor trips, bullock cart rides at this place. Various unique outdoor games are being organized and are played with full enthusiasm and power by the visitors. From Kho- Kho to hide-seek, you may play your favorite sport. Puppet shows and magical shows make your picnic a perfect one. You can enjoy rural evenings under dim lights of the Kandil and also experience the bonfire. If you are planning to stay then tent and cottages are available to make your stay a memorable experience. Visit Morachi Chincholi and make your weekend more memorable.