Bird Sanctuaries at morachichincholi is famous spot for watching migratory and domestic birds.

It is very rare for urban people to taste the first ripe of grains.

Morachi Chincholi holiday spot

is here to serve you the sweet jawar which you would have never tasted before. People staying in cities are not aware of village life and eating habits. They eat whatever is available in market. Vegetables and fruits which are available in market are hybrid, thus leading to several diseases.

Jawar crop grows in most of the regions of Maharashtra. Somewhere in month of December to May tender stalks of Jawar are ready in farms. We grow special variety of Jawar i.e. Surti Jawar variety which is famous for its taste. The tender Jawar stalks are roasted / barbecued in hot coal ashes & then the roasted tendor Jawar is called as HURDA. HURDA is then served along with Chataney (a dry coconut garlic with dried red chilli). Hurda is really very tasty and you will really enjoy this Hurda party. Farms of Jowar are located near to Morachi Chincholi providing an easy access for these grains.

Morachi Chincholi holiday picnic spot in pune

offers you the first ripe of jawar. It will be a mind blowing experience to eat sweet ripe of jawar along with a bonfire in the evening. This is a tradition in villages where they celebrate the happiness of first ripe in the form of hurda party. People staying in cities have never seen these kinds of hurda parties. Thus, Morachi Chincholi is a perfect place to live a village life.

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