Morachi Chincholi Mayur Baug is the Picnic spot near Pune, Mumbai

Activities at Mayur Baug

All activities are in an environment that is pollution and noise free, and have a generally salubrious and health-promoting environment.

bullock cart ride

Tractor, bullock cart, horse and camel. First hand rural cart experience.

Hurda Parties

these are bonfires held where one can savour the flavours of roasted Jawar in their full sweetness

Children’s park

slides, swings, tree swings

Rural games

play a round of gilli danda or marbles, rural games you had only read about

Bird watching

pristine environs are welcome to many varieties of birdlife that you can have the pleasure of viewing

Kandil nights

if you stay back for the night, enjoy the peace of rural evenings under the dim lights of the kandil (lantern)


A full fledged nursery shows you a variety of flowers and plants grown with care

Outdoor Games

playground for children and other games to relieve stress

Camping and tent facilities

experiene the wonders of living in the outdoor, as you can stay in a tented facility

Peacock Feathers

Fresh Vegetables

Arts & Crafts

Tamaring Sweets


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The Morachi chincholi is a favorite one day picnic spot near Pune