Bird Sanctuaries at morachichincholi is famous spot for watching migratory and domestic birds.

morachi chincholi picnic spot

is located in Shirur district. Bullock carts or ox carts were used in ancient days for the purpose of transportation. People use to travel and carry their goods from one place to other. The cart is attached to the bullock team with the help of a special chain. The driver and other passengers sit in the front cart and the load is placed in the back. Bullock cart are still used in villages where transportation is expensive or infrastructure does not favor them. To let people known these traditional means

Morachi Chincholi picnic spot near pune

has included bullock carts for people.

Nowadays the design of the ubiquitous bullock cart has been modified to make it into a profitable enterprise by overcoming its main shortcomings like -- the inability to work under slushy conditions and undulating terrain of rural areas.

Also, it is hoped introduction of rubberized steel wheels with a few other modifications will make the carts more efficient not only in carrying agricultural produce but also as a means of commercial transport.

Today’s modern generation want something new to do. Morachi Chincholi is the perfect place for them. You will experience amazing bullock cart rides at Morachi Chincholi giving you the feel of village life. It will just be a different day from your hectic life. Apart from bullock rides, there are horse rides, camel rides and tractor rides. Many people love horse riding, so it’s a chance for them to adopt their hobby on a picnic holiday. You will find both small and large horse riding. People also do prefer camel rides to see the whole surrounding of Morachi Chincholi. So let’s get ready to ride on our bullock cart, camel and horse at Morachi Chincholi.

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